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One of the fastest growing web portals in Nigeria

Browngarri was launched officially on the 11th of February 2014. Between February 11th and May 11th 2015, Browngarri has generated approximately 2,935,450 page views according to AW stats. With over 70,000 monthly visitors and counting make an ideal place where you can reach your audience.

What is

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Browngarri is a creative and informative-oriented web-portal. With 100% creative contents our users can enjoy stories, attain personal development, free counseling on social matters, News, Free cooking tutorial videos, connect with people and lots more.

Our Vision

We are striving to become the number one creative blog in the country. Displaying prolific write ups and celebrating Nigerian’s ingenuity.

Our Mission

Using literary methodology, through creativity and innovation to provide solutions, empower, entertain and inform our users.

Audience and Statistics

70,000 monthly visitors

14 minutes average time spent per visit

5 pages read per visits


Advertising Solutions

Banner Adverts and hypes: 10% discount for all advertisement and hypes.
We understand that your products need every advantage to be known publicly. With our dedicated services to our visitors, there’s no other place than browngarri to advertise your products and services.

Our advertisement & hype charges are monthly: N90,000 discount charge.

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