My Covenant With A Mermaid… Conclusion


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14 Responses

  1. Apeh David says:

    Don’t tell me it has ended pls

  2. Yillima says:

    nawa ooo… so u jst gave ur life up for an eternity in hell! Pls, dnt give up bt kip fighting for ur freedom.

  3. Yillima says:

    @Apeh, its nt jst a stry, its real life. And he should hv ended it wt christ in his life.

  4. sheila says:


  5. flint says:

    Bros u no try oo so na so u con marry mamiwater abi. Na y I no like naija films and story

  6. Taiwo says:

    the bitter true is that, you guys love each other. but she has deprived you of knowing your God. that’s dangerous. ( What has it profit a man to gain d world and loose his life)
    think twice.

  7. hmxxxx says:

    Pls i need my own Amanda oooo. IF U SEE MAMMY WATER,NEVER RUN AWAY

  8. stan says:

    so bros u leta ended up in hell

  9. mary says:

    nawaoo bros just like that

  10. dino says:

    I can’t laugh. it’s interesting.

  11. Chris says:

    No moral lesson in the story at all……..the concluding part of the story is unrealistic,no same person wuld want to remain in bondage

    • Cheyanne says:

      My two favorite Christmas movies are It’s a Wonderful Life and The Christmas Carol. This movie show that the poorest man is the richest man because he has friends and family which really matter. In the It’s a Wonderful Life, even though at the time George Bailey didn’t realized it until the end of the movie, each and everyone of our existence does matter. We might have influence sod&#omyeb8217;s life and we will never know the difference that we have made in that person’s life. This is what the spirit of Christmas really is about.

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